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Family time is the most important time of the day! Watch together for programs that strengthen your faith and enhance your finances, marriage, parenting and life.
Join church leaders as they seek to reaffirm the central doctrine of the Christian faith and to encourage churches to do the same. Mondays at 7p ET/4p PT.
Samya Johnson unveils truths about Islam in contrast to biblical teachings and highlights the Great Commission's significance to Muslims. Wednesdays at 4p ET/1p PT.
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  • Way of The Master

    Jesus was the ultimate at witessing to unbelievers, and we are called to be like Him. But often times it is difficult to share our faith effectively. On Way of The Master, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron join forces to answer the 100 most common questions of the Christian faith and teach believers how to witness like Jesus did by going around the listener's argument and speaking straight to their conscience. Tune in Mondays at 6:30p ET/3:30p PT and Sundays at 4:30a ET/1:30a PT.

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